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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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Matthew Paul

Production Coordinator

Favorite Tactics

Playing the Freedom Guard is all about finesse. When it comes to raw firepower, the two teams are actually evenly matched. The Freedom Guard, however, have many units with more stealthy modus operandi. The Scout, the Sniper and the Saboteur can all morph into trees, brush and rocks. Carefully planting these units throughout the game gives me a decided advantage. I morph a saboteur into a tree, load him into a phase runner, and pop him up just outside the enemy's base, near the water launch pad. Not only can I use the saboteur for scouting out the enemy, but he's the key to taking out the enemy's water supply. I have the phase runner come back with a load of Mercenaries, and just as I unload them, I have the saboteur strike the first blow. The Mercenaries will have the rest of that water launch pad down faster than my enemy can even respond.

Often mistaken for nothing more than a recon unit, the Skybike is the cornerstone of my final attack. I build at least ten of them well behind my front lines so that the enemy doesn't know they're coming. They're cheap and build quickly. And most importantly, they can attack both air and ground units. Is there a pesky sky fortress coming at me? No problem - just send the Skybikes at them and they won't even suffer a scratch. Is there a Neutron Accelerator in my way? No problem - even if it takes 15 or more skybikes (a small number of units in comparison to what Dark Reign can handle), I'll have them out long before my opponent has the equal number of cyclones.

With the Skybikes leading the way, I bring up the Triple Rail Hover Tanks, slow but ultimately powerful, and mop up the ashes of my opponent's base.

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