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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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Joseph Donaldson

Production Coordinator

Favorite Tactics

I’m a methodical player - too methodical, maybe - but I like to find ways to buy myself some time before launching an attack. One of the most effective tactics is to build up some fast hover units and then use the basic AI settings to put them to work. Early on I’ll often build two or three Imperium Scout Runners and then pre-set them on "Scout" or "Harass". They’ll dart all over the map, driving my opponent crazy, while I build up my force and plot my attack route. What’s even more fiendish on maps with lots of ravines or city maps with streets is to build a couple of Shredders and set them on "Harass" mode. A Shredder can cut up scores of enemy infantry but is too quick for even three or four guys to take out before it gets to them. This can be important because some of the infantry types in Dark Reign are pretty darn tough, and a Shredder will take out a Mercenary as fast as you can blink. You may even find it effective to place a Shredder or two on a patrol path around your base.

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