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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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John Heineke


Tactics Overview

[FYI ... we are coloring references to Freedom Guard in BLUE and Imperium in RED ... throughout our heavenly site.]

(A question was asked of Activision ... if the game is well balanced, why do most Activison staff favor the Freedom Guard? John Heineke had this reply...)

Yeah, the finally tally is Freedom Guard 4, Imperium 2. But I like the Imperium as well. The shredders and hostage takers can counter the Freedom Guard infantry threat, and the heavy armor of the Imperium packs a punch.

It really depends on your playing style. The Freedom Guard has morphing and phasing infantry characters, and they are able to use the Shockwave (mentioned prominently in many of the tactics lessons). But this comes with a cost. Freedom Guard units don't have hover technology early in the game, so they can't cross water obstacles. Infantry is very susceptible to artillery as well.

The Imperium has it's own great weapons and buildings. The Imperium's Temporal Gates allow you to phase up to three units at a time anywhere on the map that you have visited. If you have multiple Temporal Gates, you can phase a squad of hover tanks onto the enemy base and cause a lot of hate and discontent. The Imperium's answer to the Shockwave is the Rift Creator, which causes lots of problems in itself. It can basically destroy any units in its area of effect.

We have been balancing the game for about three months now. Each side has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the terrain of the map that you use will also affect a side's advantages and disadvantages. For example, a map with a lot of forest terrain is ideal for the Freedom Guard scouts and snipers. A map with water favors the Imperium side. I played against a guy on Friday who I've beaten most of the times that I played him. But he wiped me out by taking advantage of the terrain better than I did.

The fact that 4 out of 6 of our developers said that they like the Freedom Guard is no need for alarm about an unbalanced game. We've got plenty of Imperium fans here as well!

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