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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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James Farley

Associate Designer

Favorite Tactics

I like playing Freedom Guard due to their large numbers of different troop types. When you play against the Freedom Guard you never know what type of game it will be, and I like to keep my opponents guessing. There are so many sneaky things you can do when playing Freedom Guard. One of the tactics I like best is combined use of underground transports and phasing. I constantly build infantry and place them around an enemy base at key choke points, preferably where there is a Heavy Rail Platform or Neutron Accelerator. Then when I attack the installation, I pop them up and destroy enemy troops by the score. You may think phasing is only for defense or ambush, but it can also be used as a very sneaky form of attack. Use the Phase Runner to transport phase tanks into your enemy’s base, then pop them up and immediately phase them into the ground. It is best to distract your opponent with a false attack when you do this so he doesn’t see what you are doing. Do it until you have 20 or so tanks and infantry in his base (don’t use just infantry otherwise a Shredder can kill them all very easily) Distract you opponent one more time and pop up your force. Most of the time your opponent will have a few units around to defend against temporal gate attacks and underground transports, but not enough to defeat 20 tanks in his base. Before he knows what is happening, you can usually take out his Water Launch Pad and a Power Generator. If you soften him up with a Saboteur before you attack, it gets even better. And if you have line-of-sight in his base with a scout or infiltrator, you can easily determine the most opportune time to attack. I just love giving my opponent a false sense of security before I destroy him.

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