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Last Updated on Thursday, April 02, 1998

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David Osper

Game Designer

Favorite Tactics

Fast and furious, that's why I like the Freedom Guard, the units are not only quick and versatile but they pack a hell of a punch. My trademark is trickery. First of all I have to know my surroundings and my enemy's position. I build a few Scouts right away and position them carefully. A well placed scout can provide invaluable intelligence for the entire battle, and serve as an excellent spotter for artillery. Then I make sure to protect my base with Heavy Rail Platform's and Air Defense sites. I will also build lots of Skirmish Tanks, which provide anti-air support as well as a long attack range.

Sometimes when I am feeling particularly sneaky I may build a few Saboteurs and move them in a RAT to a safe place near the enemy base. When I get my chance or when I need a diversion I will use the Saboteurs to cripple my opponent (usually power plants). Although I won't destroy any buildings this way it will cost the enemy enough to repair and is a surefire diversion. Other times I may use an Infiltrator to spot any attacks the enemy may be staging.

Phasing is the cornerstone to any well rounded attack and is always overlooked. The element of surprise is the key to phasing. I like to phase infantry and tanks near choke-points, bridges, around unprotected resources, and even in my base. There is nothing more rewarding than springing a trap on a squad of enemy units.

While my enemy is retreating from the surprise attack, I build at least two Shockwaves. If I only use one some enemy buildings may survive, but if I use two I will definitely crush their base. The most difficult part of using a Shockwave is moving it into position. I like to escort them with Triple Rails and Flak Jacks. When I am ready (don't wait too long) I create a diversion by surfacing some units in the back of the enemy base from my phase runner, then I fire off both of the Shockwaves, followed closely (but not too close..ouch) with Triple Rails and Flack Jack's to mop up the mess.

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