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"How in the hell could Interplay release a game with such major, glaring, near-fatal flaws? Didn't anybody know? Didn't anybody care?" - PC Gamer Nov 98

"Running a close second in the shovelware market is Interplay, which also takes second place (after Sierra) as The Company Who Hates Its Customers The Most" - PC Gamer Feb 99

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June 25 Chat Log



*** MAX2Paul ( has joined #interplay

*** MAX2Chris ( has joined #interplay

*** MAX2Chris sets mode: +o MAX2Chris

[19:55] {MAX2Paul} Hi everyone

[19:55] {kebler} hello

[19:55] {Fletch} hi

[19:55] {MAX2Chris} Hello, all!

[19:55] {Sir_Adam} boo

[19:55] {Duffy} hi Chris ...

{CaptComal} Hi Chris & Paul

[19:56] {Sir_Adam} the dynamic duo....

[19:56] {Duffy} :)

[19:56] {Tamale} he he

[19:56] * MAX2Chris chris

[19:56] {MAX2Chris} Whoops.

[19:56] {MAX2Paul} Hi Chris

[19:56] {MAX2Chris} Hi, Paul, I heard you were looking for me... :)

[19:56] {Meghan} hehe

[19:57] {MAX2Paul} yep.. looks like I found you

[19:57] {kebler} the dynamic due.. and don't forget rat girl.....

[19:57] {Meghan} grin

[19:57] {kebler} heheheh

[19:57] * MAX2Chris wishes he had a theme song.

[19:57] {Sir_Adam} rat girl

[19:57] {MAX2Paul} is your rat pregnant yet?

[19:57] {kebler} that's multiplayer or multiplaying?

[19:57] {Sir_Adam} that sounds so sweet =)

[19:57] {Meghan} She's beyond pregnant, she had 10 babies last weekend :)

[19:57] {james_d} ack, it says I can't change my nick - I was only trying to put my first and last letters in upper case...sigh

[19:57] *** james_d is now known as James_x

[19:58] {MAX2Paul} wow.. so fast.. seems like only yesterday..

[19:58] {Meghan} She's not eating cheese and salmon every day. Talk about spoiled.

[19:58] {Meghan} er now, not not.

[19:58] *** James_x is now known as james

{CaptComal} James ... try it now ... it will work

[19:58] {Meghan} Yes, they're efficient that way :P

[19:58] {james} grr

{CaptComal} you have to have about 30 sec between name changes

[19:58] {james} Oh, okay, I try again in a few moments

[19:59] {kebler} hello Capt

[19:59] *** james is now known as James_D

{CaptComal} Hi Kebler

[19:59] {Sir_Adam} 1 moment= 10 seconds i guess :)

[19:59] {James_D} There, now I am happy

[19:59] {kebler} in M.A.X 2 10 sec X 2

[20:00] {Meghan} So it looks informal tonight.. Chris, Paul, what have you to say for yourselves? :)

[20:00] {MAX2Paul} has anyone here played a game over the internet server? :)

[20:00] {Sir_Adam} d:-O}

[20:00] {James_D} I have not had a chance to yet, but am looking forward to it.

[20:00] {kebler} tried to

[20:00] {MAX2Chris} we'redonewe'redonewe'redonewe'redone

[20:00] {Duffy} Yes, I did ... played 3 games, 1 finished, 2 crashed

[20:00] {kebler} there were 6 of us and it crashed

{CaptComal} I finally got a CHAT to work

[20:00] {Fletch} I wished i got the E-mail

[20:00] {Sir_Adam} Chris, is the game optimized yet?

[20:00] {MAX2Paul} were they 2 player, 3 players????

[20:01] {Duffy} seems that we have problems with AAA (it usually crashes when fighters and mobile AAA are involved)

[20:01] {MAX2Chris} One thing we would like to see is some people on the server.

[20:01] {kebler} yes duffy was in this one too

[20:01] {James_D} Okay, let me install the files and I will go on in a minute

[20:01] {MAX2Chris} Sir Adam, I believe so.

[20:01] {MAX2Paul} the second batch of e-mails was late getting out.. everyone should be getting it.. but you know how our mail server is..

[20:01] {Duffy} the one I finished was 1vs1 (2 player), we tried one with 5 player, but someone got lost so we played only with four ...

[20:01] {Sir_Adam} No Way!

[20:01] {Fletch} ture

[20:01] {Duffy} that one crashed after approx. 10 - 15 min

[20:02] {Sir_Adam} you would think u need a super computer to run this thing smooth

[20:02] {Sir_Adam} there is ssooooo much lag

[20:02] {Sir_Adam} in single player is all i have played sf

[20:02] {Duffy} during an GAP attack, which was destroyed by mobile AAA

[20:02] {Duffy} third one was 1vs1 and it also crashed during an attack with mobile AAA

[20:03] {Duffy} [That one was against Dakamgi]

[20:03] {MAX2Chris} The internet play is still being worked on for speed and reduced lag, from what I understand.

[20:03] {James_D} Yah, I have a 200mhz computer with 64 mb ram and I think the public demo was lagging a bit for me

[20:03] {MAX2Paul} we'll probably have a new exe for you soon.. we've fixed a bunch of crash bugs

[20:03] {kebler} i was there and i got this message: red team has lost connection then it closed the game and gave me the game stats

[20:03] {Fletch} hey did you guys ever name the robot??

[20:03] {Sir_Adam} hey.. patches, srt of

[20:03] {MAX2Paul} do you know the speeds of the computers involved in the lagging games?

[20:04] {Duffy} yes, that's when MAX crashed on the host (my computer)

[20:04] {Sir_Adam} p 233 mmx, 64 meg ram

[20:04] {MAX2Chris} Robotic Walker (EbO unit)

[20:04] {Sir_Adam} there is about a million things on it if u want me to tell u them

[20:04] {Duffy} Well ... I was the host with K6-233, 64 SD and 33.6 connex

[20:04] {drglenn} is the address for the server in the e-mail or the download?

[20:05] {kebler} p 166MMX 128 meg ram and USR 56.6

[20:05] {Duffy} There was some lag but only with many units on screen ...

[20:05] {Sir_Adam} it seems to lag on all systems

[20:05] {Sir_Adam} i have had about four since the beginning of the test

[20:05] {Sir_Adam} chips, that is

[20:06] {MAX2Paul} we've seen some lag when slow machines play against real fast ones.. but on comparable systems it seems okay here..

[20:06] {Duffy} Question: which server are we supposed to use ? max2 or Test server ?

[20:06] {kebler} max2 was my only choice

[20:06] {Duffy} there are two active ... but not always

[20:07] {Sir_Adam} i like the voices :)

[20:07] {Duffy} today morning there were two, then one, then two again

[20:07] {MAX2Paul} the test one..

[20:07] {Duffy} OK ... that one was not always online though ...

[20:07] {Meghan} afk

{CaptComal} There never is people on the test one

[20:07] {MAX2Chris} The test server has debug code running, so we can more easily find any bugs you come across.

[20:07] {Sir_Adam} there will be now

[20:08] {MAX2Chris} We would prefer if you use the test server tonight until it goes away.

[20:08] {MAX2Paul} the test one is running debug code and we've been changing things periodically.. it should be up there most of the time from now on..

[20:08] {Duffy} I played my first game on the test server (the one that didn't crash)

[20:08] {kebler} bugs? or people?

{CaptComal} Can you rename the servers please

[20:08] {Sir_Adam} people

[20:08] {MAX2Paul} Hi Capt.. to what?

{CaptComal} The one you dont want us to use call it "DONT USE"

{CaptComal} Then we can all be on the same one

[20:08] {MAX2Chris} Bugs, definately bugs. We want people... :)

[20:08] {Sir_Adam} that is pretty to-the-point

[20:09] {kebler} no bugs in my tree..yet but I have R.A.T.S.

[20:09] * James_D chuckles

{CaptComal} Many people will login to play who did not get the EMail or are not here now ... therefore naming the servers is important if you want them to use a specific one

[20:09] {James_D} And you know Meghan would love R.A.T.S.

{CaptComal} Maybe call the test server "USE ME" :)

[20:10] {MAX2Chris} Well, we actually do need both tested... :)

[20:10] {Sir_Adam} lol

[20:11] {kebler} Once again the storms move in on thurs night

[20:11] {MAX2Paul} nice web site capt.. :)

[20:11] {MAX2Chris} After the chat, we should log in.

[20:11] {kebler} hows the weather capt?

[20:11] {Sir_Adam} got a surge protector?

[20:11] {MAX2Chris} (oops), to the test server and try to get some more people on it.

{CaptComal} Paul ... thanks ... I just added a Magical MAX2E Tour

[20:12] {Duffy} This has been on minds of all beta testers: who is getting credits in the game as beta tester ?

[20:12] {Tamale} by the way, I like that tour idea, capt

{CaptComal} Thundering here

[20:12] {kebler} yes and a backup

{CaptComal} I like my HEAVEN website better ... I have full control of the weather there!

[20:12] {Duffy} Capt, the MIDI music on your tour is awfully cheesy ... :)

{CaptComal} (and I have removed all thunderstorms in HEAVEN as of yesterday)

[20:12] {MAX2Paul} Has everyone here downloaded the version yet? We should all go try to log on and see what damage we can do to the MAX2 server.. :)

[20:12] {Sir_Adam} ok

[20:12] {kebler} I started with 1000 now I have 777

{CaptComal} Duffy ... you bet! :)

[20:13] {Tamale} i just got the o.k. to download it

{CaptComal} I have three versions of the music ... I can try other versions

[20:13] {Sir_Adam} ill... like go in now... yeah..... :)

[20:13] {bv728} Got new version, been working with it since early 'tis morning.

{CaptComal} Paul ... make sure we are on the same server then

[20:13] {Dakamgi} back

[20:14] {Duffy} OK, Paul ... which server ?

[20:14] {MAX2Paul} everyone go to the test server..

{CaptComal} Maybe change the title/topic of this room to directions to the server for later comers

[20:14] {Duffy} OK ...

{CaptComal} can you change the topic to that?

{CaptComal} Chris knows how to do it :)

[20:14] {MAX2Chris} Heh.

[20:14] {James_D} I cant seem to get in the Tech_support channel

[20:14] {Meghan} :)

[20:15] {bv728} Launching beta...

[20:15] {MAX2Paul} but you can get into the other one?

[20:15] {James_D} Yes

{CaptComal} starting game ... see you in the CHAT CHANNEL named MAX2 on TEST SERVER

[20:15] {James_D} Max 2 works, Tech_support I cant get into

[20:15] {MAX2Paul} what happens when you try? do you see the other server?

[20:16] {Tamale} oh, by the way, is it safe to switch back to windows while playing?

[20:16] {kebler} same here

[20:16] {MAX2Chris} Should be safe.

[20:16] {Tamale} ok

[20:16] {MAX2Chris} I don't know what it will do in a MP game, but I do it in SP all the time.

[20:16] {James_D} I dont see the other server, when I click the channel it just clears out and re-lists channels

[20:16] {MAX2Paul} it's safest when you pause the game first..

[20:16] {Tamale} in m.a.x. it screwed up on my machine

[20:17] {Tamale} "this application cannot be restored and will be terminated"

[20:17] {James_D} ouch, the server just went down and ma crashed

[20:17] {Sir_Adam} i doesnt let me in the chat room

[20:17] {MAX2Paul} the server may have been down when you tried.. could you look now? the server is up.. I just checked..

[20:17] {Tamale} ok

[20:17] {James_D} okay

[20:17] {Sir_Adam} when i click join, it just hangs

[20:18] {[oasis]} MAX2BETA caused an invalid page fault in

[20:18] {[oasis]} module MAX2BETA.EXE at 0157:004bba5b.

[20:18] {[oasis]} Registers:

[20:18] {[oasis]} EAX=00000000 CS=0157 EIP=004bba5b EFLGS=00010246

[20:18] {[oasis]} EBX=00000003 SS=015f ESP=0084f1b4 EBP=005c77b0

[20:18] {[oasis]} ECX=00000000 DS=015f ESI=005c77b0 FS=190f

[20:18] {[oasis]} EDX=0062001c ES=015f EDI=0127e638 GS=0000

[20:18] {[oasis]} Bytes at CS:EIP:

[20:18] {[oasis]} 8b 51 42 52 8b 41 3e 8b cd 50 e8 56 e7 ff ff eb

[20:18] {[oasis]} Stack dump:

[20:18] {[oasis]} ffffffff 0084f57c 005ca228 005c77b0 005c77b0 003da5de 00000000 c11b65f0 0176abcc 018d2578 018d3578 0000015f 0127e314 005c7902 000007e8 018b9750

[20:18] * MAX2Chris stares in shock at the hole were Oasis used to be.

[20:18] {Meghan} ack

[20:18] {bv728} I get the same thing as I did this afternoon when I was the only one on there. Loose connection and it crashes.

[20:18] {Tamale} :-)

[20:19] {Fletch} :(

{CaptComal} CRASHED

[20:19] {Meghan} I disabled flood protection.

[20:19] {Tamale} ok

[20:19] {bv728} The other Server listed has no problems. Test Server dumps me no matter how many people are on it.

{CaptComal} Would not let me in to Tech Support

[20:19] {Sir_Adam} doesnt work

[20:19] {MAX2Chris} Hmmmm.

[20:19] {Fletch} sigh

[20:20] {Duffy} could not join the Tech Support channel ...

{CaptComal} Numbers of people in channels was weird ... went from 6 to 13 in one jump

[20:20] {MAX2Chris} Paul, are you telling Zach this?

[20:20] {Sir_Adam} same here duffy

[20:20] {bv728} Well, and the tech support channel is unjoinable.

[20:20] {MAX2Paul} we're just restarting now for a clean boot.. try again in a few minutes..

[20:20] {kebler} Capt when i left did you get a message?

{CaptComal} MAX2 said2 but there were four there when I entered

{CaptComal} kebler ... yes

[20:20] {Dakamgi} just crashed

{CaptComal} You said this was weird

{CaptComal} I was typing messages but nothing displayed in the history window

{CaptComal} then it crashed

[20:21] {bv728} Capt: Update speed, methinks. It checks, gets a reply, and two people join before you do and it doesnae refresh.

[20:21] {Dakamgi} joined max2 chat, lost connection to sever then crashed.

[20:21] {MAX2Chris} Oasis, sorry.

{CaptComal} Paul ... does your CHAT HISTORY have a way to be LOGGED (so we can post it?)

[20:21] {Sir_Adam} some work is needed...

[20:21] {kebler} capt I was typing you a message then the server shut off and I came back here

[20:22] {Dakamgi} MAX2BETA caused an invalid page fault in

[20:22] {Dakamgi} module MAX2BETA.EXE at 0137:004bba5b.

[20:22] {Dakamgi} Registers:

[20:22] {Dakamgi} EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=004bba5b EFLGS=00010246

[20:22] {Dakamgi} EBX=00000003 SS=013f ESP=0084f320 EBP=005c77b0

[20:22] {Dakamgi} ECX=00000000 DS=013f ESI=005c77b0 FS=4dc7

[20:22] {Dakamgi} EDX=bffbfa00 ES=013f EDI=00ad9fa8 GS=0000

[20:22] {Dakamgi} Bytes at CS:EIP:

[20:22] {Dakamgi} 8b 51 42 52 8b 41 3e 8b cd 50 e8 56 e7 ff ff eb

[20:22] {Dakamgi} Stack dump:

[20:22] {Dakamgi} 0097f660 00971778 00000000 00971840

[20:22] {Dakamgi} 005c77b0 0aef326b 00000a94 0a940020

[20:22] {Dakamgi} 00010000 0a940200 0a940020 baaad2f5

[20:22] {Dakamgi} baaad2f5 00000a94 00000020 00000a94

[20:22] {James_D} Okay, I am in the tech support channel now

[20:22] {Dakamgi} sent it in

[20:22] {MAX2Chris} I'm in the tech support channel as well.

[20:22] {kebler} meghan who is messenger?

{CaptComal} Is the server restarted already?

[20:22] {Sir_Adam} M.A.X.2 can be minimized without it screwing up?

[20:22] {James_D} ack, it went down again

[20:22] {kebler} meghan who is messenger?

[20:23] {Dakamgi} when i alt-tab out of max2 it looses connection to server and crashes

{CaptComal} Messenger is a robot

[20:23] {James_D} Yes Sir I keep tabbing back and forth

[20:23] {kebler} oppps

[20:23] {Meghan} Messenger is just a bot.

[20:23] {Duffy} Dakamgi .. MAX2 has a tendency to do that ...

[20:23] {MAX2Chris} I'm alt-tabbing.

[20:23] {Duffy} I tried it earlier today and was disconnected every time

[20:23] {Meghan} In fact, we don't need Messenger tonight.

{CaptComal} Messenger got mad and left

[20:24] {MAX2Paul} me too.. but we're on a T1

[20:24] {Tamale} tech support? in here or on server, or what?

{CaptComal} Are you guys ready for us to try the TEST SERVER again?

[20:24] {Dakamgi} Chris, give the programmers a copy of MAX2 for home and have them play on the internet!

{CaptComal} Dakamgi ... or just use modems at work! :)

[20:24] {MAX2Chris} I'm on the test server right now...

[20:24] {MAX2Chris} (We can't use modems at work, funky phone lines...)

[20:25] {Dakamgi} your on the inhouse lan, thats not the same!

[20:25] {Sir_Adam} i got in the room!

[20:25] {Duffy} Chris, should we try and join the server again ?

{CaptComal} {MAX2Paul} we're just restarting now for a clean boot.. try again in a few minutes..

[20:25] {Fletch} boy you guys are making me jealous

[20:25] {MAX2Paul} we all need to get out of here, and quit switching back and forth..

[20:25] {James_D} Okay, I cannot get re-connected to the server

[20:25] {MAX2Chris} It should be up.

[20:25] {James_D} okay, I'll try again.

{CaptComal} MAX2 or TECh SUPPORT?

[20:25] {MAX2Paul} disconnect from here and go to the MAX2 server

[20:25] {MAX2Paul} MAX2

{CaptComal} Can you change the TOPIC to say that for late comers?

[20:26] {Tamale} how do i do that?

{CaptComal} See you on MAX2 server

[20:26] {James_D} I keep getting an error logging in

[20:26] {Tamale} ??

[20:26] {James_D} ....Please try again it says

[20:26] {Tamale} how do i switch to the max2 server?

[20:26] {James_D} It will prompt you for servers

[20:26] {MAX2Chris} You must logoff, and select MULTIPLAYER again. You select the server when you login.

[20:27] {James_D} after you try to connect

[20:27] {Tamale} oh, ok

[20:27] {MAX2Chris} Meghan, could you change the topic?

[20:28] {MAX2Chris} Hmmm. M2 crashed on me.

[20:28] {Meghan} To what?

[20:29] {MAX2Chris} Hmmm, I don't know. That's why I wasn't doing it... :) Something to do with logging on to the MAX2 server.

[20:29] {James_D} I cant log in at all now

[20:29] {James_D} It keeps saying error, try again

[20:29] {MAX2Chris} Hey, that's good.

[20:29] {Meghan} :)

[20:30] {Meghan} That's why they should pay me the big bucks!

[20:30] {James_D} Megan they could always pay me the big bucks and pretend they were giving it to you :} I would gladly accept

{CaptComal} Chris and Paul and Megan ... none of you were in the CHAT channel on the TEST SERVER

[20:30] {Meghan} Capt, I don't have the game here.

[20:31] {Meghan} So I am just surfing and hanging out here :)

[20:31] {Meghan} Hehe James.. umm.. NO! :)

[20:31] * James_D cant seem to get in right now

[20:31] {MAX2Chris} I'm in there now...

{CaptComal} Better for you ... text is hard to read over there

{CaptComal} and it does not look like it is SAVEABLE (as in logging it as a file)

{CaptComal} MAX2BETA caused an invalid page fault in

{CaptComal} module MAX2BETA.EXE at 0137:004bba5b.

{CaptComal} Registers:

{CaptComal} EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=004bba5b EFLGS=00210246

{CaptComal} EBX=00000003 SS=013f ESP=0084f320 EBP=005c77b0

{CaptComal} ECX=00000000 DS=013f ESI=005c77b0 FS=4dff

{CaptComal} EDX=bffbfa00 ES=013f EDI=00aaa584 GS=0000

{CaptComal} Bytes at CS:EIP:

{CaptComal} 8b 51 42 52 8b 41 3e 8b cd 50 e8 56 e7 ff ff eb

{CaptComal} Stack dump:

{CaptComal} 00a8f660 00a81778 00000000 00a81840 005c77b0 01875711 82a541ec 1000c200 00000001 00000000 82a541ec 83ca4af8 19bc0000 00000002 836a836e 0765836a

{CaptComal} CRASHED when I ALT-Tabbed back to it

{CaptComal} Hey Meghan...

{CaptComal} You still here Meghan?

[20:33] {Meghan} Yes, sorry.. what'sup?

{CaptComal} one sec...

[20:40] {bv728} Poor Megahan, left here while we all sit and figure out all the unimplimeted features of the server chat.

[20:41] {Meghan} Hehe sokay, I'm just doing some research in the meantime.

[20:41] {bv728} Hmm... Seems there's an Alt-Tab timelimit before crash.

[20:46] {Meghan} Heh, I always hated it.. I have three email addresses, so I use Eudora Pro.

[20:48] {Meghan} I am out of here folks.. there's an "official" M.A.X.2 chat next week on the 2nd, same bat time, same bat channel.. hope to see you here!

[20:48] {Meghan} Have a good night!

[20:50] {kebler} I'm back

[21:13] {Tamale} anyone here?

[21:15] {Dakamgi} another crash

[21:15] {Dakamgi} MAX2BETA caused an invalid page fault in

[21:15] {Dakamgi} module MAX2BETA.EXE at 0137:0051c1f9.

[21:15] {Dakamgi} Registers:

[21:15] {Dakamgi} EAX=00000000 CS=0137 EIP=0051c1f9 EFLGS=00010246

[21:15] {Dakamgi} EBX=0000003d SS=013f ESP=0084f6cc EBP=0000004d

[21:15] {Dakamgi} ECX=00000000 DS=013f ESI=00ff6d4c FS=190f

[21:15] {Dakamgi} EDX=00ff0023 ES=013f EDI=00000000 GS=0000

[21:15] {Dakamgi} Bytes at CS:EIP:

[21:15] {Dakamgi} 66 8b 48 26 66 8b 40 28 57 50 66 0f b6 46 32 51

[21:15] {Dakamgi} Stack dump:

[21:15] {Dakamgi} 00ff0023 00000001 005c8ac0 00ff6d4c 00000000 00000005 00000000 0099fb60 0000003d 00ff6d4c 0084f718 00565610 00000001 004d31a5 00ff0023 00000003

[21:22] *** bv728 ( has left #interplay

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